Five Star Thailand Ltd

Introduction-Tool and Die,Metal Stamping,

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Manufacturers of Quality Progression & Transfer Dies inclusive of Checking Fixtures and or Metal Stampings & Assemblies

Our Mission Statement

Up to a Standard not down to a price


Five Star Tooling commenced business 19 years ago by establishing the tool and die company in Brisbane, Australia and thereafter embarked on an ambitious program of expansion for their high-tech manufacturing and metal pressing enterprise.

The activities, that underpinned the company's substantial growth over 14 years now was the active targeting of export tool and die markets, investment in technology and the formation of a network of firms to tackle large markets.

Since 1999, Five Star relocated its Tool and Die facilities and Metal Pressings to Thailand and so operates out of several 1st class Tool, Die and Metal pressing facilities.

The company continues to use its engineering expertise and process planning capabilities to complete the cycle of Plan, Engineer, Manufacture, Test and Supply with these quality accredited suppliers to secure lower cost, high quality Tool and Die, Jigs and Fixtures and Checking Gauges as well as Metal Stampings at competitive prices to motor vehicle parts suppliers and others in Australia and South Africa.